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SY Series Flood Light



  • Sleek design with simple accessories & simple assembly, long lifetiem fo 30,000 hours;
  • The flood light case is mainly made of copper and aluminum, with multi-layer protective treatment on the surface, anti-corrosion, sun protection and anti-leaching;
  • The square fin shape design is used to perfectly combine the superconducting material with the fins to achieve rapid heat transfer and heat dissipation, lighter weight and better heat dissipation;
  • Adopting modular lens with narrow light distribution, it can cast light at a long distance; adjustable installation angle which can meet the requirements of different projection angles.
  • Directional light source, single-sided illumination, all light is irradiated on the sea surface, no light is wasted;
  • Ultra-light aluminum alloy structure, impact resistance, no risk of breakage, multi-layer surface protection, resistance to strong ultraviolet rays and seawater corrosion.

The LED Flood Light SY Series is a highly reliable product with high power, multi angle, fast heat dissipation and light weight. The product has a few patented designs of structures. Providing three powers of 150W, 300W and 500W, it fills the blank of high power and small angle light distribution in the market, and provides high quality lighting solutions for some special applications.

It is mainly used in floodlighting of roads, docks, lighthouses, fisheries and other places. It is a new generation of floodlighting lamps that replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. It is environmentally safe, economical, easy to install and less maintenance.

The 150W & 300W models have been specially designed and improved to specially used for fishing boats as well as general outdoor usage, super fuel-efficient, low power consumption, can save 80% fuel consumptionas a new generation of LED fishing lights that replace traditional fishing lights. It is environmentally safe, economical, easy to install with minimum maintenance. Special wave band, super high brightness, the depth below the sea surface can reach more than 25 meters, the effect of collecting fish has been proven.


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