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LED Neon Flex


Product Features:

  1. High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip.
  2. High color consistency & smooth illumination with no light dots.
  3. UV & flame resistant construction silicone material.
  4. Dome profile with enlarged view surface for beam angle (270°).
  5. Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.
  6. Easy installation and assembly with different outlet caps.
  7. Flexible with 80mm minimum bending diameter.
  8. High IP rating (IP67) with waterproof end caps.
  9. Variety of monochromatic lights for option.


>>> Interior linear lighting design
>>> Facade lighting
>>> Contour lighting
>>> Landscape lighting
>>> Residential lighting
>>> Office, hotel, exhibition lighting

Neon Flex Pixel RGBW
Neon Flex RGB

Available Colors:

Lumen Performance:


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