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INLEDS Lighting Pte. Ltd. was established in 2014 under the concept of energy sustainability and efficiency. LED lightings are undoubtedly the best long-term lighting investment for your home and business. At INLEDS Lighting, we believe this technology is the future of lighting; at the same time, we understand that any technological transition can be daunting. Our proficiency and dedication allows us to make that transition both easy and affordable for you. INLEDS Lighting is focused on providing LED lightings and solutions at the best technology today for your enjoyment tomorrow.

Core Business

INLEDS Lighting carries a selection of LED lighting products that meet the leading standard in the market, thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties. We supply products including interior lightings, commercial lightings, industrial lightings, outdoor lights and street lights, LED strips and neon, smart lighting system, as well as a range of accessories and fittings.

Committed to the research of lighting efficiency, lighting environment and lighting technology, with the strong support of our manufacturers, INLEDS Lighting develops lighting products that are most suitable for each site, and provide professional lighting application solutions and services based on customers’ needs and budget to achieve an ideal lighting result.

Consistency of quality and customer satisfaction is our tenet. Since the establishment of the company, INLEDS Lighting has also actively participated in providing solutions installation for lighting projects and achieved good results.

We truly value the relationships we have developed with our manufacturers and suppliers over the years. This means better, more affordable products for our customers. We are proud of the reputation we have established and look forward to the continued opportunities of services to you as we consistently grow and expand as a whole.

Target Market

INLEDS Lighting are working closely with interior designers, MCST from both residential, commercial and industrial developments, project engineering teams, contractors, procurement companies, corporate clients, industrial buildings and warehouses, hotels and schools. Commercial and industrial lightings and applications will be our main focus in future.

Company Vision

We are committed to building the leading professional lighting application brand in Singapore as well as Asean market. By actively promoting the development of lighting technology and applications, INLEDS Lighting endeavors to let our customers enjoy the enhanced quality of life brought by the progress of modern lighting technology.

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